Q: How Can I order?
A: If something is in stock, you can order from the webshop. The webshop will send you an automated response. If you want to use the bank transfer for the payment, please wait for our response, we will send you an email with the invoice. There you will find our bank information.  If you can’t order something, it means that the item is currently out of stock. 

Q: I've been looking for a sword for a long time, but it's not in stock.
A: We always try to refill our stock, but we are working on many orders, then we cannot work for the stock. Some of our swords are rarely ordered, so they are almost never in stock. Please contact us, and we can write about the production time.

Q: Are you shipping to my country?
A: We are using UPS and they ship worldwide. 

Q: How much  is the shipping?
A:  Inside Europe the base price starts from 25 € and outside the EU it starts from 50 €. There are other factors like the size of the sword, weight etc. Every package which is longer than 100 cm has + 6 € cost. 

Q: How long is the shipping to my country?
A: Inside the EU it is usually 2-4 days. Outside the EU it is usually a week.

Q: How Can I pay?
A: You can pay with a bank transfer or Wise. If you are from the EE you can pay online with a debit card. Outside of the EE we recommend Wise because this has the lowest transfer cost and regular bank transfer could take days. 

O: I have placed an order, but I have not received any feedback.

A:  We are trying to answer as soon as possible, but our colleagues work on multiple tasks.


Q: Do you cover customs fees?
A: If you are from the EU, you don’t have to pay the custom fees. All non-EU customers have to pay their own custom fees when the package enters the country. The prices include the sales tax, but if you order outside from the EU you have to pay your own sales tax. For example if you are from the UK, you pay the net price for the sword and when the sword reaches the border you pay 2% custom and 20 % sales tax. 

Q: I see your swords in another webshops as well, are you reselling for other companies?
A: We are selling swords for some company. If you are from the US, we recommend to check out our partner’s webshop: Purpleheart Armoury. They offer a wide range of our products. The shipping cost is cheaper and you can also have a warranty.


Q: Is there a warranty?
A: We offer a one year warranty on our swords. 

Q: Can you make custom designs?
A: For the moment not. If you want some changes on our products (longer handles or some small modifications) it is possible. Please write to us and then we can discuss the details.

Q: Do you sponsor events?
A: We already sponsor some HEMA tournaments, but we are open to sponsor some new events too. 

Q: Do you offer discounts?
A: We usually offer discounts, if the order consists 10 pieces of products or above. 

Q: What kind of steel do you use for the swords?

A: We are using 51 Crv4 spring steel, which we heat treat ourselves. The hardness of our swords is around 51 rockwell. 


Q: Can I order sharp swords too?

A: We can sharpen any swords, but we can’t send sharpened swords outside of the Eu.

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